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syrian rebels squeeze more out of their foreign patrons in a diplomatic standoff with the new appointed u.s. secretary of state john kerry promising aid in return for just getting them to talk . while powers play good cop bad cop with a run junking sanctions on who was in a bid to coax the islamic republic into a binding nuclear enrichment. grinding to hold the eurozone as fears of a deadlocked italian government could become reality with all the election results pointing to hug parliament. hello and welcome to twenty following years live from moscow. my story now.
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the new u.s. secretary of state's first assignment has seen him give in to pressure from d.c. where an opposition has pledged more aid in return for the rebels agreeing to talk john kerry along with his british counterpart william hague has made concessions in order to drag the syrian national coalition to the upcoming friends of syria mean seeing the group initially refused to go to the gathering of its global supporters accusing them of not doing enough to eye with where they are sort of reaching some analysts now that the western powers are being blackmailed by the group they helped create. both countries. so now they're coming and i think it's sort of outrageous that they just expect people to give them aid you know they want more they want and i think they're really clamoring for that united states is that really bad luck funneling arms into conflicts everything from the soviet period in afghanistan to what happened when they attacked libya and gadhafi is arms ended up
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in mali. i think it's better to get with this negotiating process they had to bribe them to get together to do that i don't think they want any negotiations and i think they'll probably try to walk at this point because i think they think they're winning and when you're winning a war at least you think you're winning it i'm not saying they're really winning it but they're going to be intransigent and i want to see how it plays out on the battlefield. the pledges that led to the syrian rebels came in with the secretary of state's visit to the u.k. the first stop on a diplomatic marathon during his talks in london john kerry praised the warm relations with britain although some politicians that doubted whether they bring anything positive. tony blair formed a very close relationship with george bush took a straight into the war in afghanistan and later on accepted all the arguments bush used about iraq and britain was then deeply committed in iraq and as a result we've been involved in two major wars we lost
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a very large number of soldiers spent a vast amount of money and made the world an infinitely more insecure place we've also damaged civil liberties in our own country just as much as the united states has with its department of homeland security and all the controls that go with that and i think we need to examine the whole strategy of the west involving itself new rock then later libya and now syria to some extent and wonder if we're not really heading off in a completely wrong direction all this isn't enough a new adventure is broken out in north africa where britain and this time france are involved in deploying to move forces all across the sahara. the whole mini relations between washington and moscow will provide the bond to john kerry's meeting with russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov in berlin late on tuesday. and sonali reports that have a lot to talk about conflict in syria miss out on defense and u.s.
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expansion of projects in eastern europe plus iran and north korea's nuclear programs amid test and escalating rhetoric these issues have been on the table for years now let's take a closer look at some of them syria ripped apart by violence for two years now a militant opposition there trying to force out president also that russia from the beginning has pushed for a diplomatic solution and avoiding intervention at all costs while saying that time is limited moscow still believes negotiations are the way to go the u.s. has constantly called for are said to step down while supporting rebels despite them not being able to unify or willing to sit down for talks with asad a strictly one sided solution although recently the obama administration has taken a more distant tone on syria perhaps thanks to fallout from other arab spring countries like libya and egypt the nuclear ambitions of iran and north korea remain high on the agenda especially with north korea's recent underground test but again
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while both russia and the u.s. condemn any unregulated nuclear steps or weaponization the two differ greatly on how to deal with them russia's against threats of more sanctions or further isolation while the u.s. has gone as far as saying military intervention it's not off the table especially in the case of iran in europe and u.s. plans to expand on missile defense systems and russia's concerns over its national security are considered the number one issue to have sidetracked a so-called reset but a shadow over bilateral relations is now russian children adopted by american parents the latest. child to die. mean three years old only moscow was informed of the tragedy a month after mark seems deaf his legs head and internal organs of the edge of the severely bruised my feet was adopted by a u.s. family from the same or footage as dimitri jacobi who died of heat stroke in two
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thousand and eight after being left inside an overheated car yacob lives name is now the title of a rush limbaugh that prohibits the adoption of russian children by u.s. citizens well critics say the law it's too harsh while supporters claim it's the only thing to be done until the u.s. can assure the safety of russian adoptees and adequate justice for violent crimes against children. another of obama's recent nominations this time the new military chief faces his latest battle today coming up we're told from where chuck hagel starts after being all but hung out to dry in a bitter partisan standoff. also later this hour the cost of peace and money doubles with african nations now demanding almost a billion dollars to maintain a force that france has its own plans for the region to the details in just a few miles. having tried this stick it will reportedly be the current
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for iran today as well pa was made with tehran's nuclear representatives in kazakhstan according to sources the islamic republic will even be offered a let up on sanctions to run shuts down a fortified nuclear site buried in a mountain and hold some of its enrichment activities in return according to reports sanctions on the trade in gold and precious metals could be lifted the measures along with an oil embargo has put tremendous pressure on iran but is also used more is the notion of course now they've also prepared the ground for some of the country's exports. the international ban on iranian oil cost the country around forty billion dollars in two thousand and twelve according to the u. but despite this huge gap in iran's income. officials have some good news indeed harsh sanctions normal experts have increased by least thirty percent from ego. so what going to look at a bad thing well they actually play a positive role that we've been asking our government for many years to decrease dependence on oil to at least fifty percent was too high up around eighty percent
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making our economy too vulnerable that some say today is a historic opportunity to finally get rid of this dangerous oil dependency and iran actually has a lot of alternative resources to feed from from well known copperheads to dade's via minerals and stones but warning this tree in particular appears to be thriving these days iran's famous be statues have been going through tough times in the last couple of years heavy frosts and terrible droughts have been damaging large parts of the harvest but this year with the country under tough economic sanctions are doing better than ever. our currency ryall fell by almost forty percent in october but i sell the statues both at home and abroad and i benefited from price rise was i just i saw a three hundred percent increase on profit and very much of the idea generally that . you read in the sessions that responses to more than a hundred countries worldwide but even if farmers cannot send them abroad they're
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confident business will remain brisk every iranian can consume two kilograms per day exactly that much our contributions of brazil will be ok but we can eat our own nuts ourselves. thousands of industry workers also benefit which have them overcome the country's highest of inflation. the amount of production and price of the special has affected our salaries every year the added ten to twenty percent of my salary busy and i have some bonus to my daily payments and a good amount of my. producers seem to be more protective than exporters while international sanctions don't directly target the food industry current measures affected banking system making financial transactions a hard nut to crack sanctions don't affect pistachios or two but we have problems with getting our money back you saw that it takes more time and effort but this is
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the reality they also penalize the banks that. are not in u.s. and europe they may be in china or south america they penalize them for dealing with iraq that that's the main that's the main problem which is actually illegal internationally iran and producers say a good place to share is a smiling one it's shall should be have opened but now the ad a good place to share is the one that manages to earn some cash for its country if oil is a black gold the new vista shows must be a green one at least for iran locals say these small nods have great how benefits especially for the man well to the country it also gives strength iran's biggest mall expert has always been a significant source of revenue and as the latest round of sanctions poshest ever bites it's also something iran may have to rely on even more than before. t. from iran. the african peacekeeping force to be based in mali will cause donations
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toys the previous estimate according to ivory coast foreign minister the price has risen to almost a billion dollars and france could be planning to keep its own rapid reaction force in west africa after it's made the chopper a show that ends a move that will only further destabilize the region says lawrence freeman head of the african desk at executive intelligence review magazine which is going to happen now is that you do see a reliance on special forces from the french the a swedish you know support it's going to come from the united states and probably russell from great britain and the african troops are going to be then left with the task of actually carrying out the a limited rooting out the jihad it's extreme and this is going to be very coarsely so france will stay there as a expected in various ways the u.s. and britain will stay there and expand their operations and the african soldiers
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are going to be the ones we're going to be dying carrying out this attack on the islamicist and this is all not going to lead to any positive solution north africa this is actually where the hell they're all going to be. in the lives of these countries as a result of this policy and that's exactly what really blair announced on very very he said north africa is where we're going to be for the next generation. ragni mining places pretrial hearings the alleged whistle blow is supported by acts of us worldwide who staged rallies to mark one of the muslim days of his attention which they say is a new form that's coming out. one wealth. and employment benefits leading to generations giving up and go into wouldn't because it's more lucrative to take government handouts. to the bright.
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wealthy british style some time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to conjure reports.
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live from moscow welcome back the results of the tourney and election all on a knife's edge as the last votes are counted now and despite being slimmest of margins and little more than one hundred thousand votes sent a letter comes that pier luigi bersani has won control of the no house but i majority in both houses of parliament is needed to govern a no single political group looks like it won't have a clear majority so political analyst paolo read for it says travelling italians feel let down by that point attentions people need to be diluted of the images which are not produced the structural reforms of the society in order to have
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a trustable future for those who are already working and for those who are trying to do the work force people are dying of roses which have not been fulfilled the center left the is. getting what it was already. in the balls elections but certainly many people are wondering why they didn't make the reforms in the previous the stations where they had the majority so this is usually very chaotic at the moment it is not certain that the government can be forged if not the coalition government involved in almost all the major political forces that are present in the pound. and does not get sleaze grandchild near the prospect of a hung parliament because a report turns its attention to the fixing of interest rates that's coming up later this hour. in this case the thousands of e-mails between thousands of traders
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are actually a few dozen traders saying set the libel rate at a rate that is not true rig it for me and they're saying about this is somehow complicated that we can't do anything about it because there are signs of innocence outside this circle of the actual writers of interest in our being committed somewhere in the universe should we apply a standard of guilt to this admission of guilt by a just basic yet i just recently admitted that there are a lot of money and finance are generous but somebody somewhere didn't enter so back something in a parallel universe perhaps so can we call it just b.c. kilty can we give you say oh oh oh wow first three thousand mexicans headless because you got to go drink good i just created a better start but should we care because after all somebody can read it is a back somewhere so you're not guilty. for a long parson fueled standoff obama speak with secretary of defense is to be voted on today chuck hagel drew the only of republicans from the outside love to number
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one he's an orthodox styluses close to performance at his initial confirmation hearing didn't help either oh he's going to come i'll explain. a number of republican senators including john mccain say chuck hagel is not qualified for the job but they indicate that they're going to allow the full senate to vote because what happened ten days ago was that the senators voted to postpone the vote and to continue the debate so it's all likely that they're going to keep stalling the vote confirmation and he will be confirmed there's no doubt about that the votes are there but the communication that he had to grow through during these last few months sent a message all by itself right now chuck hagel is this repenting figure who keeps apologizing for the positions he has taken before for the statements he had made before including that war with iran should not be an option including his criticism of israel's actions and other foreign policy views that he had expressed as a senator the congress effectively showed their readiness to destroy anyone who
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would allow themselves to descend from washington's core foreign policy belief so despite all the apologizing that mr hague old has done one senator said that you know he almost had tears in his eyes as he apologized for his earlier statement about the israeli about the influence of these really lobby so despite all the repentance chuck hagel has still been under attack and some point the conservative media got so carried away that they misinterpreted someone's joke about charles association with a group of friends of hamas and they were in such a rush to break the story that they failed to check whether the group even exists and it doesn't so chuck hagel has been under attack not just for his previous statements but also for what he had never said and done. the next defense secretary will have to deal with the one notorious company long accused of manipulating its cozy relationship with the government to get out of trouble so climate control autonomy the new name of blackwater escaped with little more than
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a slap on the wrist of a new all the smuggling scandal and michael o'brien also of a book called america's failure in the wrong things is essentially in you into a prosecution. they're just follow on charges after the the debacle at mr square in baghdad september of two thousand and seven. course that was where the seventeen iraqis were all were killed you can say they were you know murdered needlessly killed whatever the case may be these are follow on charges that were. pushed against blackwater course that's the old name the company technically doesn't exist that way they can you know technically legally sever the relationship it seems like it was. the that a deal was struck with the prosecution they dropped the charges three people were just looking to walk to the charges were reduced to five thousand dollar fine slap on the wrist i think it also there's house arrest for four months so. and the other
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thing too is they they claimed that they were buying these weapons for the cia and the cia said we don't know what they're talking about and the thing about it is who knows maybe they were but it seems to me that the cia has ways of killing their own weapons ivied it just doesn't make a lot of sense and the cia just if they if it was true the cia left them hanging. eleven people dead millions of barrels of oil poured into the sea three years on from the environmental catastrophe b.p. is going to court on charges of glorious negligence find out just how much the energy giant could be fools to shell out to damage is well know what. those are ways to good health go to the details of the new law signed by president putin that has to say the lines of a nation. britain's
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unemployment benefits aim to provide a safety net for anyone between jobs looking for their next career opportunity only for some of the payouts is so attractive getting out of bed to go to work doesn't seem worth it all she's going to boycott explained i couldn't really believe my luck to be honest. it was just a dream i thought this is amazing you know british government is helping me out you know i needed somewhere to live and i don't have a job not the words you expect to hear from someone who's fallen on hard times housing benefits allowed stephanie to rent a flat in this sport a block in london's glitzy mayfair by myself i could always barely afford a studio in central london when i was working and. looking for
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a job and so untrue in the spacious flat it just makes you really lazy it's a sprawling and complicated system but one that allows a family of four to claim up to thirty five thousand pounds a year from housing to child care and unemployment benefits i've known people on benefits and they've been able to afford new cars to be able to afford to go abroad on holiday i've never actually been abroad on holiday before in my life so how can they afford a good holiday when they're on benefits. and i forgot to do that. that's what makes me angry. is the growth before we start. for. there's no doubt but for a certain segment of society we basically have communities imbedded in wealth for
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generations of people who have not worked the welfare state was all the idea of a man who might well be turning in his grave william beverages an idea of the five giant evils of society squalor ignorance want idleness and disease some of the very qualities that critics say the system encourages beverage was arctic wealth should only provide you with subsistence levels of support and it should only do so for a short period of top seventy years down the line and welfare spending is the biggest item of government expenditure milking it is so widespread it's become a source of satire you know. we're told this year we've been on this bloody disability allowance i told her he worked at docklands. do you think you can get me on is just ability allowance he's got a bone to see which called. westminster now wants to make it clear that benefit
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on to a career path and coming through the doors of your local job center a year in and year out filling in a few forms and claiming your money is no longer an option but for people that have been through the experience of claiming unemployment benefit they say it's all too easy to get no money and no one's really checking whether or not you're genuinely looking for work. artsy. happening around the world hundreds of demonstrations in new york was time for someone to the day protest against a new law all they see is one to human rights also it is. the supreme court ruled that crimes committed by the military dictatorship are not allowed to be investigated the judges that the government that came to power in the seventy's have been granted amnesty by two referendums which still hold illegal power. the somalian army supported by an african union mission has stepped up an offensive
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against the bases of an al qaeda linked a rebel group they plan to secure more key towns having already seized sixty two positions in the last ten days the operation against the al shabaab militia started way back in october twenty. five people were injured and around twenty thousand more evacuated from a chemical plant in southwestern china after an explosion caused a massive blaze with fire brigades are battling it and made huge clouds of billowing black smoke environmental experts say there are no health risks. now u.s. army private bradley manning is about to face a new round of pretrial hearings manning faces a number of charges for allegedly hundred classified days or to the we can leaks website the most serious is aiding the enemy which could land him behind bars for life so mass rallies have been held in over seventy cities seventy cities across the walls to maga thousand days of his detention and attorney kevin zeese explains
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why many believe his treatment is unlawful. judge did recognize in the motion this moves for the solitary confinement that manning was treated improperly and did take a one hundred days off work of his whatever sentence of any he ends up with so the judge doesn't recognize the government did by the law and went to bars that's a positive it is and i hope that the judge will recognize that delaying this trial where they have is enough reason to dismiss the case that certain point all of the government's outages add up and the outrage is government conduct me recognizing the case that is easily dismissed especially since he should not have served in one of the handlers if you will of ford you've got to first look back and recognize when the crimes were committed and hold people accountable who did it and unfortunately president obama did not do that and so he's only was a war that you know he's used the espionage act more than every other president combined it's a disgrace it's a nontransparent administration is ever to stop people from going forward and
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reporting crimes of the united states and its activities abroad. now stay with us for the kaiser report coming up after the break. there's an old urban legend that says that the u.s. army stopped using search or targets for rifle practice because the soldiers would be hesitant to shoot people on the battlefield the logic is that if you practice shooting something that looks like an enemy soldier you'll be desensitized about killing real enemy soldiers so again the logic is to practice shooting at what you want to kill so you won't hesitate and speaking of not hesitating the law enforcement targets incorporated has created a special line of paper top.


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